About Us

Our Story

It’s hard to accept, but we need to change our mindset.

We created CellSalts4health because we want to solve the biggest problem in everyone’s life. Guessing? we are unaware of how and when our body develops illnesses and how it heals. we don’t know what the right way of treating any ailment, when to start treatment, or even how to explain our problem. How to know the right doctor and hospital? This seems very common but not a straight question for many. Expenses, uncertainty, long treatments are in addition to the problem. In this changing time, we are not sure how to enjoy our health and what to forward to our next generation. With so much information, advertisement and schemes out there we tend to get confused and get trapped in the unwanted loop of visits and treatments.

Good health is the base of our lives and taking care of it is our responsibility. Keeping this in mind and with the aim to make it more economical and transparent, we provide this software which enables us to consult online with a doctor(Homeopath) and find the right remedy.

Our Mission

Limitation is mother of creation.

We believe there is a better way of how the healthcare system works. A more approachable and understandable way where everyone can know the problem and solution. A more common way where the health is improved rather than changed. Our mission is to help people achieve it. we focus on Homeopathy and another line of treatment, which is least understood and least transparent aspects of a great healthcare system. We’re excited to simplify the power of natural healing methods and process for everyone through our software, education and community.