Cell Salts come in X potency, starting with 3x to 200x potency. These are the standard potency of the basic cell salts:

No. 1. Calcium fluoride 12X

No. 2. Calcium phosphate 6X

No. 3. Iron phosphate 12X

No. 4. Potassium chloride 6X

No. 5. Potassium phosphate 6X

No. 6. Potassium sulphate 6X

No. 7. Magnesium phosphate 6X

No. 8. Sodium chloride 6X

No. 9. Sodium phosphate 6X

No. 10. Sodium sulphate 6X

No. 11. Silicea 12X

No. 12. Calcium sulphate 6X

  • 12X: For chronic diseases and diseases of the psyche the power 12X is suitable very well.
  • 6X: The potency 6X is the most used potency of the Schuessler cell salts. It is the standard potency for 9 of the 12 cell salts. For acute diseases, the potency 6X fits well.
  • 3X: Though the potency 3X does not belong to the standard potencies of the cell salts, it is still applied for different reasons. For the potency 3X one should consider that it is relatively material, i.e. 1 gramme of mineral salt is included in 1 kilogramme 3X to cell salts. With harmless salts, as for example No. 8 Sodium chloride (cooking salt), the power 3X also is still a strong thinner. But with the salts which are toxic in large quantities one must be careful using the potency 3X. For example, the cell salt No. 4 Potassium chloride one should apply in the potency 3X not in large quantities. Otherwise, sensitive people could get unspecific side effects. The following reasons and occasions speak for application of the cell salts in the potency 3X:
    • Very acute illnesses: If an illness is very acute, the potency 3X can be sometimes very helpful.
    • Bath: With a bath one needs a lot of cell salts. By use of the potency 3X the amount of the required tablets can be considerably reduced. In 3X 1 to 10 tablets are already enough for a proper bath.
    • Substitution therapy: If one wants to use the cell salts as a substitution therapy for the cover of the mineral substance need, the power 3X is suited. This is interesting above all when one does not want to suck hundreds of tablets daily, what is necessary with high-level dosage in 6X and 12XSchuesslers cell salts for big animal, animals need a lot of cell salts. In the power 3X one can reduce the number of the given tablets.


Repeat the remedy per the severity of the symptoms:

  • Severe: every 1/2 -1 hour (high fever, bad pain).
  • Moderate: every 2 -3 hours (bearable pain, cough)
  • Mild: every 4 -6 hours (able to carry on working)
  • Tonic: 3-4 times daily (e.g. tiredness after flu or osteoporosis etc.) for 7-10 days at a time. Take a break of a week or so and repeat if need be i.e. for a fracture etc.

Stop & Start as Needed

  • Stop, if symptoms improve.
  • Take it less often if there is a moderate improvement.
  • Stop taking it as soon as there is a significant improvement.
  • Repeat it as needed: repeat the same remedy if it helped and the symptoms return—starting and stopping as needed until completely better.

Stop & Select Another if …

Stop the remedy: if it clearly isn’t working after an appropriate length of time and select another or seek the advice of a professional homeopath. Two remedies can be taken on the same day but preferably not at the same time unless they are already combined in a ready-made formulation.

Few tips for Cell Salts:

  • Ideally, tissue salts taken this way, should not be taken for long periods of time without a break.
  • You can take them Mondays to Fridays with the weekends off for example or for one to three weeks and then one week off.
  • Make a relationship with your remedies and use your intuition or gut feelings about taking them and repeating them as well as your symptoms as guides.
  • There are some combinations available—many cell salts combined into one tablet. Most combinations make good sense. Check out the individual component salts to make sure they make sense for your complaint.
  • Do not self-prescribe for chronic complaints.
  • It is always advisable to seek professional advice for long-standing complaints.
  • Let your homeopath know if you or your child has taken a constitutional remedy within the past three to six months.
  • Stop if you feel worse.
  • Stop if you experience any worsening of your symptoms.
  • Do not brush teeth, eat, or drink anything (except for water) for at least 10 minutes before or after administering the remedy.
  • Keep all cell salt remedies out of direct sun- light. Do not store them near a microwave oven, computer, or television set. Do not Store them near substances with strong odors such as essential oils. It is not necessary to refrigerate them.
  • Do not use any gum, mints, or toothpaste containing peppermint or spearmint within 30 minutes of taking the remedy. It is important to refrain from using any products containing camphor or menthol while under treatment. These products can antidote the remedies.
  • Caffeine, especially coffee, can reverse the action of cell salts. However, decaffeinated coffee, either instant or freeze-dried, does not appear to antidote the remedies.