Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cell Salts?
Can I take minerals supplement instead of Cell Salts?
Why Cell Salts are important?
What Cell Salts are not?
Why do I have Cell Salt deficiency?
Does it make sense to take all 12 Cell Salts at the same time? Will it be harmful?
I am diabetic, can I take Cell Salts?
I am lactose intolerant, can I safely take Cell Salts?
Can I take Cell Salts along with my prescription medicine?
Can I continue my other naturopathy treatment along with Cell Salts?
Is it safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women to take Cell Salts?
How to take Cell Salts?
How long do I need to take Cell Salts?
Can I give Cell Salts to my children?
How are Cell Salts absorbed in the body?
I heard Cell Salts can be given to pets, is it true?
Is Cell Salts are herbal product?
What if I overdose my Cell Salt accidently?
Can I take homeopathic remedies and Cell Salts at the same time?
I am confused between Biochemic & Homeopathic treatment, how do they differ?
What sort of cost can I expect for this treatment?
Is Cell Salts treatment covered under medical insurance?
Is there any side effects of Cell Salts?
How many Cell Salts are there in total?
What are the other names used for Cell Salts?
What is Bio plasma?
What is the difference between Bio plasma and individual Cell Salt?
I am curious to know in detail about each Cell Salt! Where can I get the detail?
Do I have to be a medical student or a doctor to start taking Cell Salts?
How is my birth date or zodiac sign related to my Cell Salt?
What’s the facial analysis in Cell Salt therapy?
What are Bio Combinations? Is it not Cell Salt?
Where can I know more about Bio Combinations salts?
What is Cell Salt Finder?
What if my symptom is not covered under Cell Salt Finder?
Can Cell Salt be used in emergency health condition such as heart attack?
There are so many Cell Salts for my symptoms, which one should I take?
I am not sure about the name of the disease I have; how do I search in the Cell Salt Finder?
Is there any age restrictions to take Cell Salt?
Where can I get the prescribed Cell Salt?
Do I must pay anything to use Cell Salt Finder?
I got the same symptoms as last year but forgot the name of Cell Salt, is there a way I can quickly know the name of Cell Salt?
How many family members can I add?
My symptoms are matching to the description in the ailments tab, do I still need to use Cell Salt Finder to get the right Cell Salt for myself?
What is online consultation
What if I don’t get the reply from homeopath?
I forgot to ask something, do I need to pay the consultation fee again to ask the minor doubts about the remedy?
What is the follow up case?
Can I cancel my online consultation request?
Can I change the homeopath during my consultation?