Dry Dose

All Cell Salts can be taken dry, on or under the tongue. Use the lid to tip out the tablet, tipping it straight into the mouth of the person taking it (without their lips or tongue touching the lid) or into their hand so they can put it in their own mouths! You can touch your own remedy. Never tip back any that have been touched.

Wet Dose

Cell Salts can be dissolved in water, which makes it easy to repeat doses or to give to children or the elderly. Dissolve 4 tablets in 4-8 ounces of water and stir vigorously. You can take a teaspoon at a time as a dose, stirring vigorously before each dose, or just sip as needed. Mag Phos works best taken in ‘warm water’ if there is easy access.

Topical Applications

Cell Salts can be applied externally, it sends the minerals directly to the affected area for fast and effective results. These pellets can be crushed and sprinkled on the skin area. Alternative method of topical application involves putting 10 pellets of each recommended cell salt into a pint of hot or cold water (as required for the individual case) and stirring the water with a non-metallic spoon until the cell salt is dissolved. Then, soak a cloth in this treated water, wring out the cloth, and apply it to the affected area until there is relief, or until another application is required. You may choose to put another dry cloth over the soaked cloth to protect your outer clothes or the bed sheets. One can also crush the cell salts and put into one ounce of a neutral- based (non-medicated or non-perfumed) cream or lotion (a moisturizing cream can also be used). Apply the lotion or cream to the affected area. This form delivers the salts in a slower but longer lasting application.


Tip out a tablet in your own hand and hold it against the cheek of the infant. It will dissolve on contact with saliva and not be a choking hazard or you can tip the tablet into a teaspoon and dissolve it in a little water and give it straight from the spoon. The cell salts are completely safe to use during pregnancy.

Number of Tablets

You can take 4 tablets if you are adult and give 2 tablets to your children. the main effect will be that you need a replacement bottle rather sooner.