Angel Card Reading

Angels are messengers of our creator, as they work with our souls, in conjunction with the universal mind, to help us raise our sights and spirits by reminding us of the truth, beauty and goodness that exists within everything. Angels came into being as a link between the creator and humanity. They bring us the message to guide and protect us during the spiritual transformation. Angels are powerful healers and we can walk with them to speed up healing efforts. The more we invite angels into our lives, the more readily our lives reflect the glory of Heaven. They can help us heal our relationships, Career, Concerns, finances, housing issues and any other challenges that are bothering us. Angels can vary in form, depending on the needs and explanations of those requesting help. They are beings of Light Energy. They will manifest themselves in the way we wish to see them.

What’s in it for you

  • Strengthens your connection with the Divine and to your Higher Self
  • Gives you the guidance, encouragement and direction you seek
  • Facilitates healing and transformation on many levels
  • Empowers you to find your own answers and act on them

How Angel card reading differs from other types of divination

and prediction

  • An Angel card reading does not forecast events
  • An Angel card reading doesn’t answer yes or no questions, rather supplied in depth information which you can make free will decisions of your own
  • It does not give any negative reading, Angels will always express in a loving and gentle way

Why choose an online Angel card reading?

  • Not everyone feels comfortable walking into home or shop and discussing face to face about themselves. Online Angel card reading gives an option to get in-depth information about one selves from anywhere
  • You receive the hand written soft copy of your Angel card reading as you would receive in person from the reader
  • You don’t need to remember your time of birth, Angel card reading can be done with the correct and full name and date of birth
  • You have an option of on-call (30 minutes) discussing your reading with the reader for more clarity

Angel card reading

INR 4000 / 30 min. discussion post the reading

  • Want to find answers of pressing problems in your life OR in-depth clarity of your life’s purpose?
  • On basis of name and date of birth you will receive hand written Angel card reading by our reader, post which you can discuss in detail with the reader.

Know your reader

Aruna Tewari, born on November 06, 1974 in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), always had her heart in sketching and paintings, yet somehow, she could not pursue her interest along with her studies. Providentially, after marriage she found a ‘Mentor’ in her husband and under his aegis, she took her interest in Arts sincerely and embarked on her mission by painting at her home in the majestic environment of Himachal Pradesh. After working for some time as self-taught artist, she became aware of the necessity of some formal education to completely appreciate and understand the nuances of Arts. As an Artist, Aruna pours her heart and soul out on the canvas. All her paintings copiously articulate about various shades of emotions that are experienced by a woman at one stage or the other during the course of her life.

Aruna Tewari

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